Bloke skipped work for 6 years straight and nobody noticed until he won an award

Credit: Darrin Klimek via Getty Images

Bloke skipped work for 6 years straight and nobody noticed until he won an award

If you haven’t chucked a sickie from work, are you even an Ozzy? Bonus points if it’s for somethin’ like the Melbourne Cup, or tackin’ an extra day onto an already long weekend. Chuckin’ a sickie is a right of passage I reckon, just make sure no-one posts pics of you at the pub on social media, that s**t might get ya fired if seen by ya boss or co-worker.

Anyway, a Spanish bloke names Joaquin Garcia has taken the humble sickie to new heights.

He failed to show up for his engineering job at a Water Treatment plant for SIX bloody YEARS! Joaquin took the concept of “working smarter not harder,” all the while collecting a $41,500 salary. Cheeky bastard,  and cunning as a dunny rat!

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Ya gotta wonder how important his role was if no one noticed he wasn’t rockin’ up for a total of around 1500 work days…. He must have been a useless as a third nipple to go unnoticed for that long don’t ya reckon?

And he would have gotten away with it too… If he wasn’t up to receive an award for 20 years of loyal service.

Credit: Darrin Klimek via Getty Images

Deputy Mayor Jorge Blas told Spanish newspaper The Local,

“I wondered whether he was still working there, had he retired, had he died? But the payroll showed he was still receiving a salary”

I called him up and asked him, ‘What did you do yesterday? The month before, the month before that?’ He didn’t know what to say.”

Through his attorney, Joaquin said that he hadn’t been showin’ up due to work place bullying and that when he did show up, there was nothing for him to do anyway. Needless to say I don’t think he’ll be getting his award, and has since “retired.”


He has also been ordered to pay a fine of around $30K to cover extended vacation pay, that maximum penalty apparently… And if you do the math, he’s still be gonna be up around 11K. For doin’ zero hard yakka, i’d say that’s a tidy little profit.

Final Thought:

Mate, if you can collect a salary for sittin’ on ya ass, more power to ya! Joaquin reported spendin his free time reading up on Spanish philosophy and supporting his family, so not a total waste yeh?

H/T: Huffpost & The Local