ABC accidentally cuts to a Satan worship gathering during the news

ABC accidentally cuts to a Satan worship gathering during the news

Here at Ozzy Man Reviews, we bloody love an innocent television f**k-up. Yeah, nah, there’s nothing better than the awkward silence that rests heavily on the screen when a news reporter has to keep their game-face on right after a colossal error. This is absolutely one of those moments! The ABC, Australia’s national broadcaster, was cutting to its next segment when someone cut to footage of a Satanic mass. Check it out…

All right, first up, it’s pretty important that we do a bit of due diligence here. We don’t really give a s**t who or what you worship, so long as you’re not hurting anyone, and despite the reputation movies and conservatives play up, the modern Satanic church isn’t hurting people.

Yeah, nah, we’re not here to do your research for you, but the most popular version of it, is basically a socialist movement that aims to do good in the world and undo what they see as harm perpetrated by extreme religious movements.

Still, none of that makes this footage any less funny. Yeah, nah, right after ABC reporter Yvonne Yong presented a piece on the a new law designed to present harsher penalties down on those who harm police dogs, the channel cut to a clip of a satanic mass.

And the timing was f**ken perfect. Those present in the clip were garbed in robes and the man leading the ceremonies announced “Hail Satan” with timing that was just a little too perfect.

The footage was brought to attention by Media Watch, a watchdog-style television program that highlights shenanigans and balls-ups in Australia’s media. Apparently, it comes from a Queensland-based wing of the Temple of Satan.

Understandably, people online seemed to enjoy the mistake.

Final thought: Yeah, nah, we love this. We also reckon it had to be a set-up. After all, the timing was just a little too good. Anyway, let us know what you reckon about it in the Facebook comments.

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