Gym Bro Takes On Guy With Martial Arts Training, Regrets It Instantly

Gym Bro Takes On Guy With Martial Arts Training, Regrets It Instantly

Whilst I don’t condone violence, watching someone lose a fight is always somewhat satisfying when the person who got wrecked is either:

1. An idiot
2. Drunk
3. A Gym Bro who thinks they can fight ’cause muscles and sh!t
4. Picking on someone they shouldn’t

Rarely do you get to see all 4 in action but this drunken gym bro idiot fits every category. The video starts with this bloke intensely staring down some other bloke with the classic “come at me bro” arms outstretched.


The guy in the black shorts however seems super composed – another classic internet fight staple. The bloke filming is obviously black shorts’ mate keeps telling steroid bro in broken English (Hawaiian Pidgin?) “No make loud noise bro cos they got security but if you like bang, it’s right here.” He seems pretty confident that his friend in the black will kick some ass.

Eventually the lifter convinces his friends who are trying to restrain him to let him fight black shorts, so he measures himself up. But before he can get off a single punch, Black Shorts catches him with a fu*king head kick that sounds like a tree snapping!


It’s obvious from the execution of that head kick that send pump bro flying into the bushes that he’s had some training in martial arts. The guy filming who was quiet before starts completely loses his sh*t and starts yelling “Let’s go! Let’s go, you fu*ker!”


Black Shorts doesn’t let up and follows the bencher to the garden to deliver a barrage of punches to the dazed looking fella. As someone with no fighting experience who is now drunk and possibly concussed, our squatter bro throws wild haymakers that miss the mark completely.


Luckily his friends step in to save him from taking any more damage as a knockout was surely on the horizon. Perhaps after seeing this footage gym bro might start hitting the bag instead of the weights.

Some people might complain that the lead up to the action takes to long on this vid, to those people I say this video might save someone’s life. The 2 mins of footage leading up to gym bro getting kicked in the mouth, it’s educational. Take note of the warning signs.

Watch the footage below:

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