Straight bloke accidentally starts dating… another bloke

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Straight bloke accidentally starts dating… another bloke

Yeah, we know what that headline says and, ha ha, yeah, yeah, f**ken nah, it’s not bulls**t, it’s completely on the f**ken level. Well, it is on the internet, but ya know…it’s as legit as you can expect. Basically, if you’ve heard a few horror stories about online dating, this is one from Reddit’s Today, I F**ked Up Subreddit that just about takes the bloody biscuit.

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We’re reasonably sure you blokes out there in the comments section have a few nightmare tales, and we’re bloody certain that the sheilas have a c**t-tonne more, but have a squiz at this one and see if you can top it.

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The bloke in question hangs around on Reddit under the handle AdityaMoon. As he tells it, he’s recently broken up with the missus – and it was a pretty s**t breakup – so he figured the best thing to do was get back out there and try his luck.

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I’ve recently gone through a shit breakup and it’s been about a month now. I am still getting the breakup symptoms (life won’t get better, that kind of shit) so I searched up how to recover after a breakup. After using my own flawed judgement, I determined all these sites were full of fucking crap and decided, that the best way to recover from this breakup, was to date other people and move on from her. I thought of ways to do this. After sitting on my bed for 5 minutes and staring at the ceiling I realized that:

Yeah. . . girls that I know in real life. Welp, that count is about ZERO!

I thought of places to look. Maybe. . . online dating?

Now I use reddit a lot. So out of pure desperation, I went on the r/r4r subreddit. I initially thought that this subreddit was full of desperate guys, and not going to lie, it kinda is. All I had to really do to see that was scroll down in that subreddit. In a way, it was kinda relieving seeing that I wasn’t the only desperate guy out there.

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Yeah, the savvy ones among you are starting to see where this s**t is going. He’s got a ‘sheila’ on there he wants to spark up a conversation with. And it seems to be going well. He’s loving it. He wants to take things off of Reddit.

However, one post, a female around my age looking for a male (to date) struck my attention. Immediately I noticed she had the same interests as me, I noticed a couple other guys DMed her so I decided to as well. We hit it up. She really sparked my interest as someone who I’d date. I asked if she had any other social media. She said she only had twitter. I only had instagram. I asked if she had Discord since she mentioned in our dms that she gamed a little. She said yes and we moved our conversation to Discord.

Our conversation was going really well. I’d been texting her for about 2-3 hours. Eventually, it got to the point where I wanted to see she looked like. She mutually wanted to see what I looked like. We decided to share pictures of ourselves at the exact same time.

Well shit. You know where this is going :/

Haha, yeah, too f**ken right we know where this is going.

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We both hit submit at the same time. To my shock, I saw some dude with a beard.

I was so fucking CONFUSED! WHAT?!

He just told me ‘like wtf I thought you were a girl’. I told him I thought he was a girl since THATS WHAT HE SAID IN HIS POST. He sorta realized this, and then proceeded to brush it off with an oops. I wasn’t that pissed or anything. I was just kinda shocked since I had been texting him like, as if he was a girl (guys you know what I’m talking about right?). We were both rather dumbfounded. I asked him if he wanted to stay friends, since he had really similar interests. He said sure. We talked for about 5 minutes. Eventually he says this to me:

“Look man. I started this shit thinking you were a girl. It’s really awkward knowing your not a girl, so I think we shouldn’t be friends.”

Well shit mate. You don’t have to tell me twice.

Yeah but nah, how about this weather ay

Final thought: This is the ultimate near-miss for the modern era, right? Let’s be honest, though, old mate can’t be the only one who’s experienced this sort of s**t. If you’ve been in the same boat, share your tales of love and woe in the comments. We won’t judge. We might bloody laugh, but.

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