Chilling video captures a mystery f*cken beast chasing dog in the woods

Chilling video captures a mystery f*cken beast chasing dog in the woods

Dark forests that are eerily quiet scare the sh*t out of me. Yeah nah, I’m not going to lie, if I found myself alone in a dark forest I would probably curl up into a quivering ball and pray to disappear. You just know that some dodgy beast is going to come out of nowhere and eat you for dinner, it is just the way it goes. If you don’t believe me, check out this crazy footage from a creepy-ass forest in the States.

To set the scene, the footage has some bloody scary music underneath it that makes the whole thing just plain horrifying. One would think that if the Benny Hill theme were to be inserted, we would be much more at ease with the god-forsaken place. There is a dog that is barking ominously, the camera pans around looking for something when F*ckmedead! A bloody big black hair beast erupts from his nest and starts chasing the dog.

What the hell is that? Credit: YouTube

What the hell is that? Credit: What The Funny

He doesn’t just get up and go, he bloody explodes out of there wanting to take a chunk out of the dog’s soul. Well, the dog is like ‘f*ck that, I’m outta here’ and p*ss bolts away. Doing a big loop back past the safety of is master, the dog regains his bravado and makes another approach towards the beast.

Run Forest... Credit: YouTube

Run Forest… Credit: What The Funny

But the big black hairy bastard comes back at the dog who does a little shimmy. The cameraman drops his camera and we hear the dog’s barks turn to a whimper. We can only assume the beast has got him and is chowing down into his leg or something. The cameraman yells at the beast but it will do a fat lot of good because the thing will take him next.

Hairy Bastard Creature Credit: YouTube

Hairy Bastard Creature Credit: What The Funny

You really shouldn’t go into forests unless there are some nice mushrooms to pick. This clip will show you why. Will somebody please tell me what the hell that hairy bastard thing is? If that’s not your cup of tea, try this instead.

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