Introducing the latest anime inspired Japenese craze: The handsfree boba tea challenge

Introducing the latest anime inspired Japenese craze: The handsfree boba tea challenge

If ya feeling kind of stressed with all the messed up bunkum going on at the moment, a nice cup of tea is a good way to calm yourself. There is something about the smooth, exotic blend of leaves and herbs that helps the brain slow down and lets you rid yourself of the world’s bullsh*t. Tea has been a staple of many cultures around the world for centuries but with everyone in such a bloody rush, who has time to stop and put the kettle on in this day and age? Well lucky for us, a challenge started in Japan that could be the answer to all our problems!

Credit: Twitter / @Strangestone (Artist: Kiseki Himura)

Enter the world of ‘Tawawa on Monday‘: a popular collection of slightly erotic manga cartoons by prolific illustrator Kiseki Himura. The main protagonist is Ai-chan, a large-breasted, short-skirted student who always seems to get caught in provocative positions. It’s some pretty raunchy stuff! Himura dedicated the column to the workers and students in the rat race, giving them a well-deserved departure from their monotonous Monday mornings and probably a bit of morning wood or moisture depending on which way your door swings!

One such depiction of Ai-Chan shows her balancing a cup of bubble tea on her more-than-ample chest as she slurps the contents through the straw. The mind-boggling illustration got a spring in the step of Monday morning commuters Asia-wide, but we never could have foreseen the flow-on effect!

What followed was the next challenge to grip young adults around the world as thousands of women around the world posted photos with cups of bubble tea balanced precariously on their titties. Generated to allow for enjoyment of a beverage whilst leaving both hands free for working one’s device, the challenge has opened the floodgates of creativity as young ladies the world over seek to recreate the pose.

Credit: Instagram / @creamcandy123

Even those not endowed with the most gargantuan set of ta-tas got involved by either wedging the cup in the valley or by lodging it in their top.

Credit: Instagram / @miku_emori

Granted some of these internet challenges can be pretty bloody pointless, but ‘The Boba Tea Challenge’ really has some serious merit and is practical too! There are so many inventions dedicated to helping us multitask, but it seems the simplest and best tool was right in front of half of us the whole time. The only thing to remember before getting the missus to give it a crack is to have the paper towel on standby as failure is going to end in a milky mess!

Credit: Instagram / @creamcandy123

Final thought: I reckon it’s time for the blokes to lift their game when it comes to multitasking, so get ya heads together! I mean this whole challenge is just genius. Take a look at some of the madness that took off!

Credit: Instagram / @mizuki___momoko

Credit: Instagram / @kurosawaeri

Credit: Instagram / @sayathefox

Credit: Instagram / @creamcandy123

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