‘I haven’t been sick in years’ — Vegan drinks semen smoothies to ward off Corona

‘I haven’t been sick in years’ — Vegan drinks semen smoothies to ward off Corona

If you look up the symptoms of a hectic case of ‘The Rona’, you’ll be running for the hills. It’s scary, scary sh*t! To boot, the boffins don’t know the full extent of long-term damage it can cause and doctors and nurses are still working out the best way to treat cases. So while those absolute legends work their asses off saving lives now and in the future, the best thing we can really do to protect ourselves is socially distance and stay healthy. But there may be a secret weapon in building immunity that this Insta-famous bodybuilder swears by!

Vegan fitness guru Tracy Kiss has a huge following on “The ‘Gram” boasting over half a million followers. It’s not hard to see why when a quick flick through her page reveals a number of bloody delicious food shots. There’s also a couple of cheeky snaps showing off her ample assets thrown in for good measure! No doubt – she’s a hands-down stunner!

Throwing in a couple of welcome health tips along the way, Kiss has caused a few waves over the years. Who could forget, just a few years back when she advocated rubbing s*men on her face as a moisturiser that agreed with her sensitive skin. I reckon she may have just unveiled the secret ingredient in all those anti-ageing face creams!

But it seems that Tracy has found out through research that there is another great use for the sticky white stuff. Through experience, she reckons a shot per day keeps the doctor away, claiming that love-juice provides a massive boost to immune systems. The Trick? She adds it to her smoothies!

Credit: Unsplash / Amanda Vick

‘I haven’t had a cold or flu in years. I don’t remember the last time I was sick, simply because I lead a healthy, active lifestyle and consume s*men on a regular basis.’ She explains. ‘I think if a lot more people knew the benefits of consuming s*men, they would definitely treat it as the precious entity that it is.’

Credit: You Tube / Tracy Kiss

She goes on to explain that she stores the samples on the top shelf in the fridge, out of the kiddies’ reach. When she’s making her vegan smoothies, she takes out the jar, dumps the load into glass and mixes it in. It’s just like egg-whites I suppose. You could also drizzle a few ropes on top as a nice garnish for fancy food photography if the mood struck you.


There’s been no scientific backing for the practice, but this doesn’t stop Kiss! Some experts have warned that they don’t know yet whether Corona can be spread through the old shaft-spew so, yes, make sure the source is trusted and healthy.

Final Thought: Tracy Kiss gets her supply from a mutual friend who happily knocks them out for her. I reckon tread with a bit of caution if you’re going to try this one at home and make sure ya being safe! I think I’ll stick to the old Vitamin C tablets for now, cheers!

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