Bloke Who Hasn’t Brushed Teeth For 20 Years Shows Extent Of Damage

Bloke Who Hasn’t Brushed Teeth For 20 Years Shows Extent Of Damage

Here’s one for those of us who on the way to bed say, “F*ck it I’ll brush ‘em in the morning”.

It’s usually drummed into us as children that we are to brush our teeth day and night to the point that it’s ritualised. Those of us who are lucky to be single and in the dating game are also fairly religious about brushing and flossing the old pegs in case she is repelled by our stale and repugnant breath.

Sadly for 21-year-old Jay, he wasn’t subject to parental micro-management that most of us were. This spiralled out of control meaning it got to 20 years since he last cracked out the toothbrush. It got to a point where he was too embarrassed to even go to the dentist and 20 years of neglect has led to a bunch of decay and disease creating havoc in his mouth.


“ Over the years, I’ve eaten the wrong food, I’ve drank lots of fizzy drinks and I haven’t really taken care of them, I have really brushed them or flossed or anything like that.”

You have to feel for Jay and admire the bloke’s courage. It can’t have been easy for him to approach the team at Embarrassing Bodies to help him out. Dr James, always the consummate professional, asks Jay to give him a big cheesy grin. A close-up camera and a big screen (which can’t have put Jay that a great deal of ease) displayed the oral carnage that 20 years of neglect can cause. It’s vintage television.

Credit: Embaressing Bodies

Credit: Embaressing Bodies Dr James would be forgiven for writing off Jay’s mouth as a complete do-over. But an intensive clean of chronic tartar, plaque, compacted food debris and bacteria, as well as a CT scan, revealed that Jay would only lose 11 teeth.

The 11 teeth have since been replaced with beautiful implants and the other 21 have been polished up. Jay now sports a million dollar smile and doesn’t mind flashing it. He lays off the lollies and soft drinks his bourbon straight and maintains a rigorous hygiene regimen that keeps Colgate’s stock prices high.

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