Welcome You Legends

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It was time.

People have recommended I make a website, and a blog, and many other things (podcast has come up a bit too) for over a year now. I’m not slow, I’m not lazy, I’m fucken methodical ey.

I want to roll out everything. EVERYTHING in time. I want Ozzy Man’s online presence to be like Disneyland, i.e fucken exhilirating shit everywhere that will make you wee your pants from excitement.

I don’t wanna kiss my own arse, but I will, I’ve done this 100% on me own so far. Chipping away. Piece by piece. Bit by bit. I chipped away on YouTube, I chipped away on Facebook, now I’m gonna chip away on my website.

Ok, I’m sorry I kissed my own arse, and in a way saying I did this 100% on my own is a narcissistic porky pie (lie).

Many complete strangers online have motivated me.

You have kept me energetic and inspired to make new videos and share laughs on a weekly basis. THAT. That is truly fair dinkum fucken beautiful. Give yourselves a thumbs up.

stallone thumbs up

I hope you will continue to be entertained by me in this new format of the written word.

I’m sure you can hear my voice in your head as you read this. Like a creepy down under stalker barking in your ear.

It’s gonna be a place for Citizen Journalism, Critical Pop Culture Thoughts and Fun.

No bullshit.



P.S me mate Mozza might jump on here and rant occasionally. Yeah nah he’s alright Mozza.