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Tony Abbott Classic Moments

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Poor Tones Abbott, ey?

Nah fuck him.

His own political party axed him and overall it’s a stark reminder that civilians don’t have a lot to do with who is specifically in power, we don’t decide on our “leader”, it’s interchangeable¬†within the parties and we just have to go with it. Conversely, it is good power isn’t just in the hands of one bloke, though.

Anyways, I don’t feel like getting into the nitty gritty of politics.


Politics turns me off a lot simply because it’s riddled with double speak and hidden agendas, but yeah nah yeah nah nah yeah let’s pay tribute to Tones by recapping some of his classic moments.

1) That time he got called a dickhead in a supermarket before he was in power

2) That time he tried to give a cheeky wink to a radio host when a sex worker called in. 

3) That time he ate an onion like it’s a common fucken hand fruit.¬†

4) That time he awkwardly laughed at Peter Dutton’s climate change joke and rising sea levels in Papua New Guinea.

5) When he told a bunch of school girls body contact isn’t bad for ’em during a cosy photoshoot.

He has also earned a reputation for reneging and contradicting his words.

When interviewed about anything of substance he’d usually either a) say something ignorant and offence or b) backtrack on a previous opinion he had. Carbon tax was an example.

His emphasis and tough stance on refugees and “boat people” ultimately ended up being useless when keeping him in power, which I’m kinda glad about, it shouldn’t be such a big issue. We’re rich, we’ve been a country of immigrants for the last couple o’ centuries, let’s not be cunts and sort some shit out that’s both humane and financially practical.

Dunno why people ignored the warning signs of incompetence when they voted in 2013. The bloke used to literally run out of parliament when faced with tough choices…

That’s the man and political party Aussies voted in… A fucken wanker that runs away.

He said a lot of shit.

All of the shit in the below video is shit he said from 2012 or earlier…

I guess affluent middle-aged to elderly people were just so wowed by his speedos they had to vote for him, and force their clones, I mean children, to do the same.


I’d still like to see his citizenships papers to be honest.

Oh, remember that time he got his daughter Frances to the front of the queue for an arts scholarship? Fucken queue jumpers.

It’s nice the whistleblower who revealed that info from the college didn’t go to prison after her trial.

Oh oh, and the time he got busted for having fake Twitter followers from third world country click farms.

I could go on for a while here…

Yeah nah.

Let’s see what the next mob of clowns in power can or cannot do. Same shit, different decade.