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Some Splendid Aussie Short Films

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When it comes to filmmaking short films are a separate bloody ball game.

You can’t pack ’em full of information like you can in a feature. You have to be pretty damn clear and concise with what you’re doing or saying in a very short time.

Although many filmmakers can’t or don’t put their shorts online because elitist film festivals forbid it, I’ve still managed to see quite a few over the years, and some of the goodies pop up online years after they’ve been made.

I’ll focus on some Aussie ones for now and maybe broaden me horizons with a separate post including other shorts from around the world soon ey.

1) I Love You Sarah Jane – this is a short zombie flick made by Blue Tongue Films on the East Coast. They’ve done a shit load of shorts and features over the years. Most of their work rocks my cotton socks.

2) Wilfred – I feel this defs needs to be included considering its success to morph into a TV in both Australia and the United States. It started as a short Tropfest film in 2002. I don’t recall if it won, probs not, it’s not wanky and artsy enough.

3) Crossroad – Yeah nah this is a short film by some mates of mine. Doesn’t mean it’s not fucking great, because it is.

That should do ya for now.

I might add more to this list soon. I’m trying to remember shit off the top of my head which is always dodgy.