Science Confirms Blokes Should Get Drunk With Their Mates Twice A Week

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You’ve got to bloody love it when Science raises its beautiful, beautiful head and imparts some knowledge that makes every bloke’s life better, boozier and more fulfilled.  Just recently, our mate Science struck anoth...

Groom Meets Best Man For The First Time After 15 Years Of Gaming Online Together

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We all know that weddings are pretty important to the sheilas, but while they’re worrying about their dress and their hair, the groom has to put some bloody serious consideration into who’s going to be the best man.  ...

You Can Buy A Holden Monaro With A Built In Barbecue

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The whole world knows that us Ozzys love a barbecue.  We’re famous for them.  And although we might not have any clue what a shrimp is, I’m sure we’d eat one if it was grilled to perfection in the backyard and washed ...

Study Shows Spiders Could Wipe Out The Human Race In One Year

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Some people think the world will end in fire.  Others think it will end with a zombie apocalypse, and even more think it will end in an explosive nuclear war.  Science has other ideas though.  A recent study has deter...

A 518 Million Year-Old Fossil Has Been Discovered, And It’s Weird As F*$k

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Crikey, blokes, have a look at this gorgeous little creature: at an estimated 518 million years old, it’s been described as ‘strange beyond measure’.  Considering it has a helmet head and a long cylindrical body, ...

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Mum Creates Child Friendly Story of Daenerys From Game of Thrones

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Loving Literature and wanting to share your favourite stories with your loved ones and children can be tough when your kids are young and the books you love have some racy or violent plotlines.  That’s why this mot...

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Kit Harington Uses Gory Game of Thrones Prop To Prank Fiance

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I tell you what: I bloody love a freaking awesome prank. I’ve told you in the past how I’ve played a few good ones on the missus (it helps that she’s a bit jumpy) but this one from Kit Harington, who plays everyone’s ...

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Daenerys’ Hair Changes Demonstrates The Show’s Incredible Attention To Detail

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Ah, geez, it’s been way too long since we wrote about Game of bloody Thrones on Ozzyman Reviews.  But while I’m busy catching up on the last season of Ash vs The Evil Dead and eagerly awaiting The Punisher, the intern...

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Breakfast TV Hosts Lose Their Sh*t After Nudist Interview Goes Wrong

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Nudists. Apparently, they’re a real thing. And for some reason they were on the Today show this week. To me, that’s just bizarre. It’s live television. Anything could have gone wrong. And of course, it did. ...

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‘Band of Brothers’ Had One of The Greatest Casts Ever, And You Didn’t Realise

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How about we grab a brewski, take a seat on the patio and talk bloody television for a bit? You guys down with that? I know I am. We’re going to avoid the big shows everyone is always talking about – me included – and...

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Mash Up Of Every Insult ‘The Hound’ Says on GoT Is F*&king Mint!

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We all know that Sandor f***ing Clegane, aka the Hound, has got some of the sickest burns in Game of Thrones. And no, we’re not talking about the gnarly scars on the chewed up piece of leather he calls a face; we’re t...