News Reporter Left Embarrassed After Perfect Photobomb on Live TV

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Sometimes live television is a real gift. It’s the kind of thing that gives us an uncensored swear-word, an overly confident streaker who really should have waited for warmer weather or just a news report that deliver...

This Duck Is A Regular At The Pub, He Drinks Pints & Picks Fights

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Fight fans rejoice! We’ve got a f*****g bewdy for you on tonight’s bill. It’s the heavily anticipated battle of fur vs feathers, it’s Star the bow-tie wearing drunkard duck vs his one-time mate Meggie the dog.  Avi...

Pink Drunk-Emailed Eminem About Collaborating And Received a Priceless Reply

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When you’re a man as famous for your wordcraft and lyrical flow as Eminem you get to choose when you spill the beans in great detail or when you keep the messages short and sweet. Marshall Mathers has officially be...

Mother And Son Survive 10 Days In Outback Using These Bear Grylls Techniques

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I’ve always thought that Bear Grylls would be the kind of bloke you’d need with you if you ever became lost in the outback. Of course, you’d have to run the risk of him eating you if there was no other food about, but...

Topless Russian Tourist Dies After Leaning Out Of A Car Window For A Video

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This is just bloody sad: we all like sticking our heads out the car window from time to time but this poor lady went too far and paid the ultimate price... A topless Russian tourist has been tragically killed in a ...

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Kit Harington Uses Gory Game of Thrones Prop To Prank Fiance

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I tell you what: I bloody love a freaking awesome prank. I’ve told you in the past how I’ve played a few good ones on the missus (it helps that she’s a bit jumpy) but this one from Kit Harington, who plays everyone’s ...

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Daenerys’ Hair Changes Demonstrates The Show’s Incredible Attention To Detail

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Ah, geez, it’s been way too long since we wrote about Game of bloody Thrones on Ozzyman Reviews.  But while I’m busy catching up on the last season of Ash vs The Evil Dead and eagerly awaiting The Punisher, the intern...

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Breakfast TV Hosts Lose Their Sh*t After Nudist Interview Goes Wrong

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Nudists. Apparently, they’re a real thing. And for some reason they were on the Today show this week. To me, that’s just bizarre. It’s live television. Anything could have gone wrong. And of course, it did. ...

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‘Band of Brothers’ Had One of The Greatest Casts Ever, And You Didn’t Realise

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How about we grab a brewski, take a seat on the patio and talk bloody television for a bit? You guys down with that? I know I am. We’re going to avoid the big shows everyone is always talking about – me included – and...

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Mash Up Of Every Insult ‘The Hound’ Says on GoT Is F*&king Mint!

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We all know that Sandor f***ing Clegane, aka the Hound, has got some of the sickest burns in Game of Thrones. And no, we’re not talking about the gnarly scars on the chewed up piece of leather he calls a face; we’re t...

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Rick and Morty Creator’s Prank Call To Joel Osteen’s Prayer-Line Is Priceless

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Wubalubadubdub, bitches!  It must come as no surprise, but it seems that Justin Roiland, writer, director, animator, producer and co-creator of Rick and Morty – not to mention, the voice of dimension-hopping nihilisti...