What A Bloody Boring Grand Final

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What a piece of crap match that turned out to be. There’s really no other way to put it…

It was a turd.

Hawthorn Hawks have won their third AFL Grand Final in a row by basically keeping it simple.

After Kate Ceberano forgot the national anthem lyrics, Ellie Goulding did some lip-syncing, and Chris Isaak showed how his sequin suit can be louder than the crowd it was time to watch a game of footy.

The West Coast Eagles proceeded to play bad for a solid four quarters, I’m not an Eagles supporter, but I truly wanted them to pull off one decent quarter. McGovern was working in over time in the back half and he seemed like the only fella staying composed.

West Coast big guns couldn’t fire at all. It was frustrating shit. We all want a solid contest for a GF but it wasn’t gonna happen.

Meanwhile, Hawthorn seemed to look like they were cruising through and all they did was stick to the basics. They fucken hit targets, made bugger all mistakes, and kicked the ball through the middle of the two big sticks. Bob’s ya fucken uncle. Medals and cup awarded. Grand Final won.

The Eagles lost by 46 points in the end.


Eagles coach Adam Simpson reckons they lost because Hawthorn created more opportunities and the Eagles allowed that. That’s what he┬ásaid on the bloody radio according to SMH.

I don’t think they allowed Hawthorn to have opportunities. That implies the Eagles had a level of control, which they didnt.

They quite simply didn’t do anything.

Fuck all.

Many of us wanted them to do something, such as play football, even the match highlights show how they struggled with the football thing.

Bring on 2016 is all I can say. Shitty end to the season unfortunately.