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‘Hells Club’ Remix Is A Bloody Ripper

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If you know me well you know I love a fucken solid remix. In fact, I tend to take remixes and mashups quite seriously as an art form these days. When every wanker under the sun says with an all-knowing arrogant voice “oh, oh, nothing is original, everything has been done, what are you writing a screenplay for? Why do you write music? Why do you even do anything just give up!?” I tend to think “yeah nah I hate him but he has a point.”

Then I can’t help but think that’s how society and technology birthed remixes. If everything has be done…then let’s undo what’s been done and rearrange it, rebuild it.

Of course, the big obstacle, the dark cloud floating above remixes and mashups is copyright. They’ve been a solid part of cultural expression and creativity for over a decade now and I think they should be recognised as new works, those who make them are entitled to payment, not to be labelled criminals.

Anyhow, I got a little sidetracked with a rant there, as I do.

Here is Hell’s Club.

Fucken brilliant.