Hafthór Björnsson Has Launched His Own Brand Of Water

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Hafthór Björnsson is one of this finest Strongmen on planet Earth and known for playing The Mountain in Game of Thrones.

Alongside his list of accomplishments he will also be known for having his own brand of sparkling water.

Heavy Bubbles is coming soon according to the website.

Mr Thór has made a hilarious advert to raise awareness in the mean time.

Could this be the secret potion behind the big fellas amazing strength? Probably not, but the bottles look cool as fuck.

The advert is genuinely funny. Top sales pitch. Video below:

I don’t think water has ever looked so masculine. Maybe carrying this back from the supermarket is the type of exercise I require in my life.

I’m glad he’s started a brand that actually has some value (we all need and mostly enjoy water).

Lots of folks use their fame to make and market pointless crap. Keep it simple and pay some respect to bloody water. I like it.

Looking forward to seeing how the Mountain fares in Game of Thrones Season 6.

Bring it on already!


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