Game of Thrones Just Teased The Sh*t Out Of Me

Game of Thrones Just Teased The Sh*t Out Of Me

If there’s one thing that is known… It’s that HBO and the GoT show-runners love to tease the shit out of their fans.

ASoIaF author George R.R Martin writes brutal shit, he does a lot of fake-outs in regards to character deaths (as well as actually delivering on deaths too), but the filmmakers adapting his work are taking teasing to new heights year by year.

I sometimes feel as though I’m entering into an abusive relationship zone with this show.

I found Season 5 to be a bit jarring and clunky in some aspects, but overall I’m a die hard fan and looking forward to Season 6 big time. BIG TIME.

A teaser trailer for the new season was released one hour ago.

It takes us inside the House of Black and White in Braavos, where Arya Stark resides and trains to become a faceless assassin sheila. Have a gander below:


It’s still emotional seeing so many Starks on there. We tick off Ned, Robb, and Catelyn pretty fast.

It gets to Joffrey and I’m like “yeah nah don’t give a fuck.”

Then we go to bloody Jonno and he’s definitely worth some fucks after being the best thing about Season 5. I’m hoping his mug is only in the House of Black and White temporarily of course. Did ya see Stannis and Ygritte on either side of him? Looks like them.

Here ya go:

jon, stannis, ygritte

But then to end on Tyrion.

That is a TEASE! It’s teasing that verges on cyber-bullying.

We’re being fucken trolled. I’m not gonna take the bait. I refuse to be immediately outraged. I’m gonna hone in on the emotion excitement, because I sincerely feel that too, so will maturely put me energy into that emotion thanks.

I feel so alone without the books.

I used to be a book wanker who knew what was coming next. Nup. Not anymore. Such a cold and stressful existence. How did so many cunts get by without knowing what was gonna happen next. It’s horrific.