A F*cken Prank Video I Actually Like

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I get sick of seeing the same shit over and over, whether its in the world of mainstream movies or on online web media, a mass of people all jumping on the same creative bandwagons annoy me.

Pranksters are everywhere on good old YouTube.

Part of me thinks:

“yeah nah olright fair enough people like that stuff, some of ’em are occasionally funny, so fair play and good luck wankers.” (I think I’ve seen one or two by FouseyTube and been entertained, the Mortal Kombat one was olright ey).

The other part of me gets enraged and wants to throw the computer monitor out the window when pranksters produce extreme ideas looking to shock and awe and primarily seek attention (insert Sam Pepper’s latest one).

They can come across as shitcunt antagonists.

But then there is another breed of prankster or social experiment aficionado emerging online…

Enter the prankster individual or team that is genuinely interested in creating some insightful, healthily provocative chats.

I like this stuff.

The fellas over at Dit is Normaal in the Netherlands have put together a very thoughtful little prank that they released yesterday.

Basically, they read brutal passages from the Bible, but the twist is that they have put a Quran cover on it.

Folks feel quite comfortable in bagging the shit out of it and mentioning how outdated it is.

Have a look:

The video is not about “picking a side” between Christianity or Islam.

I think that’s obvious, but probably important to say.

What I take out of it is a gentle reminder and confirmation that many (possibly freakin’ all?) religions have bloody gruesome origins. The R18+ first drafts of these doctrines are still out there.

Unfortunately, those gruesome first drafts have “rules” that are accessible for the fuckheads wanting to look for them, exploit them, and carry out atrocious acts under the dodgy as fuck “rules”.

Yeah nah, good little Sunday arvo thought-provoking video that one. Good shit by those blokes in the Netherlands.


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