A Collection Of Roger The Buff Kangaroo Photos

A Collection Of Roger The Buff Kangaroo Photos

I’ve noticed that Roger is becoming an internet celebrity again lately. He doesn’t give too much of a fuck about fame and that’s why we love to throw it at him when given the chance.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs took a fresh photo of the wanker flexing his guns last week.

Get a look at him doing a bloody Mr. Universe pose out on the red dirt.

roger kangaroo new 2016

Hadn’t seen him for some months to be honest. Good to see he’s keeping well. All seems solid with the missus, the joey’s are probs in school by now as well. Amazing jokes.

In case this is your first encounter with Roger I’ve benevolently taken the time to source a collection of pics for ya.

Consider this a Roger super album.







Bloody legend!

If the Kangaroo Sanctuary could please shoot a video of Roger that I could commentate that would be splendid. Thanks in advance.